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I've defeated morbid obesity going on the adventure of a lifetime from overweight and severely depressed to a multi world first setting adventure athlete, Strength and Conditioning, coach in a vibrant growing gym, and running a one of a kind online coaching platform with a diverse and exciting podcast too! I've been doing unconventional extreme challenges for charity the last few years including setting the world's first record for both the world's longest yoke carry and the most sledge hammer slams in 24 hours, as well as pushing a 110kg tractor tyre up a mountain. All of this has been in aid of pushing the boundaries of my mental conditioning whilst having the adventure of my life exploring unknown areas of human performance.


Learn my full story below 

"you are only as enduring as your mindset"

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My Story

I grew up obese weighing a whopping 18st (114.4kg standing just 5'6 at the time) at my largest when I was just 16 years old. I was always involved in sports from a young age, playing rugby, karate, boxing, and even doing some strength training but my mental health took a dive in my teens and soon enough I'd gone from one of the chubbier kids in my year to one of biggest people In my whole secondary school. I withdrew entirely from sports and the outdoors. I dealt with my insecurities by binge eating before being bullied, made to feel further insecure. Thus began a deeply vicious cycle of mental health problems that would haunt me for years, even after my weight loss. 

For years I failed again and again to lose weight. I exercised this way and that, ate restrictively, read various articles, magazines and more but my mental health ultimately defeated me over and over again. It was soul destroying. I use to stand in the mirror physically holding the stores of fat that lay around my midsection feeling utterly broken and ashamed. All the horrible things folks use to say started to feel true. Then one day something just clicked. Through pain, stress, and self-torment something was born- a new mindset emerged. No more would I be victim to myself, to others and what ill will they may try to inflict on me. This was the point I firmly shouted NO to myself, dug my heels in and went to work on myself. What was once a history of being targeted and shamed became a life of mental conditioning to become tougher, more resilient and harder working. My childhood laid the foundations for me to become an adventure athlete, I'd never be who I am today without all the bad years.


I took a drastic lifestyle overhaul that planted the roots for my diet, lifestyle and training method. I voluntarily took the hard, brutal (and highly advised against) path to loosing weight through hours of gut wrenching training laying the foundations of the physical and mental ultra endurance I thrive on today. I lived a dramatic spartan lifestyle where my days were solely organised around eating a lean, almost caveman diet, training as though my life depended on It multiple hours a day composed of long distance cardio followed by strength training and then more cardio, cold exposure and as much movement as possible. I quit drinking whilst everyone my age was out partying. It was lonely but this was my final straw, it was all or nothing.


My life was far from pretty at the time, but It worked and I came to crave it. Through it I became an 'adventure athlete', which is the term I've coined for my approach, application and philosophy of training, that is about exploring all facets of mindset, sports, movement and training to prepare for challenges no one has ever attempted before - uncharted waters. 


My physical changes were visually evident but I went through a rollercoaster of mental health problems as I struggled to come to terms with who I was behind the weight, the years of bullying and humiliation, the unknowingly new found freedom that I could now achieve anything I put my mind to yet still I was relentlessly being pulled down by years of negativity and abuse. Without binge eating to help me comfort myself I had to learn new ways to tackle my mindset drawing upon wisdom from ancient philosophy, buddhism, therapy, religious texts, military history, martial arts and far more.


Years after my weight loss I began to develop my own systemic approach to developing a robust, anti fragile mindset to not just tolerate the stresses of life but hone my endurance based spirit and thrive off of challenge. At the time I was developing into a professional photographer but all the meanwhile my physical talents grew as I introduced myself to sports and training techniques like olympic weightlifting, movement training, maces, rock climbing, martial arts, surfing, and more. The first hand physical experience furthered my education and broadened my mind to just how little we know about sports, fitness and the human spirit.

"Using no way as way, using no limitation as limitation" - BRUCE LEE

To this date my feats include (with more attempts planned): 


  • 2020, September 16th - The Pen-Y-Fan Tractor Tyre Push: pushed and flipped a 110kg (243lb) tractor tyre up southern Britain's highest peak for Mental Health Research UK.

  • 2021, May, 29th - The Mighty Hammerhton: set the worlds first record for the most sledgehammer slams in 24 hours by completing over 28,000 slams in 16 1/2 hours for The Centre for Humane Technology.

  • 2022, August, 13th - The Worlds Longest Yoke Carry Carried a 60kg (133lb) yoke 20 miles in 1 day.

  • 2022,  November, 30th - The Super Barbarian: Marching 1 mile with 428lbs of weight via various equipment in just 2 hours 30 min

  • 2023, February 18th - Carried a 100lb rock up a mountain... for fun?

  • 2023, November 25th - Hammerthon 2.0: beat my previous record by completing 30,000 sledgehammer hits in 12 hours 16 minutes to raise donations and awanress for functional neurological disorder 

Roll forward to today where I'm continuing to explore movement, limits, lifestyle and uncharted territory of human performance. In more recent years I've worked both sides of the lens having gone from depressed, morbidly obese and ashamed of myself to running a podcast and producing content online, it has been a personally intimidating yet exciting chance to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Today I also help run Brawd Health, a diverse adventure fitness brand where I get to put everything I've learnt into helping others through their mental and physical wins (and loses) using all that I've learnt over the yeas but the best thing is I'm still learning every single day and I'm still planning more extreme unconventional world firsts for adventure, for fun and for charity!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


Social Media: TaylorOwenMason

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