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The Pen-Y-Fan Tractor Tyre Push

The start of a new life: a gruelling test of strength, endurance and mental fortitude inspired by Sisyphus. Pushing and flipping a 110kg tractor tyre up South Britain's highest peak. 


16th September 2020


Super Barbarian

Walking 1 mile with 420lbs attached to me via a sled, backpack, kettlebells and ankle weights. A brutal right of passage designed by online media figure "The Liver King." 

30th November 2022


The World's First 28k Hammerthon

Pushing functional conditioning to the next level in a Thor inspired attempt to set the worlds first record of the most hammer slams in 24 hours.  28,000 slams in 16 1/2 hours - the average marathon stride count.  

May 29th 2021

THOR 2.0.jpg

Hammerthon 2.0

Bested my previous record by completing 30,000 sledgehammer hits in 12 hours 16 minutes for FND Hope UK


The World's Longest Yoke Carry 

Taking strongman and flipping it on it's head for a true test of carrying capacity. Inspired by Milo of Croton, pushing the law of progressive overload to it's braking point. Carrying a 60kg yoke 20 miles in a single day. 

13th August 2022

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