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In the modern fitness industry there is a vast array of knowledge, fads, trends and tribalist views, often times well meaning but it can quickly become very complicated. That leaves adventurers, sports enthusiasts and those seeking a more inclusive style of training very confused wondering wether the solution is CrossFit or running, maybe it's powerlifting or no actually gymnastics, but it must be callisthenics surely, you've seen a cool video or two online, oh no it's kettlebells, it must be kettlebells right?

The point is that fitness has become very complex but at it's heart there are but a few key ideas and philosophies to truly understand, and so Adventure Athletes was founded to offer training and support to those seeking to train more athletically for adventurous sports and lifestyles, for unconventional challenges and diverse multifaceted fitness.  

To start your journey simply email:

Become Super-Functional

Unlock your true potential, Step into the shoes of who you 2.0. This is about defying your own odds and limiting beliefs to go on a journey. 


  • Diversify your physical strength and build a robust body, resilient to whatever you throw at it.

  • Lay the foundations of the adventure athlete mindset, built upon practices from psychology, sports science, philosophy and more. 

  • Drawing upon thousands of sources from modern day olympic athletes to ancient warrior tribes to make an inclusive potent and fun from of training.

The training practice is adaptable to achieving your goals be that fat loss, strength gains, endurance, sport specific training, mobility, balance, improved cognitive function and far more.

I'm just a normal guy who grew up morbidly obese and now I'm setting world first records year after year using the very same practices and training model that we're offering to you!

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Own your lifestyle

This isn't about just getting out there and training, it's also about how you live day to day. You are the sum of your habits and adventure athlete training aims to address that. We don't see fitness as a thing you go and do but rather a lifestyle. You can embrace that and empower yourself to make far greater progress through training intelligently. My motive is "teach a man to fish", I want to give you the tools to take back the wheel over certain aspect of your lifestyle. 

  • Live, eat, sleep and move more naturally optimising your health and recovery

  • Become functional for you, not what you've been sold that online. We want

     to build you 2.0, that moves, performs and feels better.

  • Train and adapt your lifestyle to work for you on and follow the path to becoming who YOU could be... and I wanna meet that person.

  • Find healthy sustainable ways to tackle your challenges that you can maintain for the future, not a week.

Been in Your Boots

Unlike most in the fitness industry I grew up morbidly obese. I went through a harrowing period of mental health problems in my life, eventually overcoming it all to live the system I'm offering to you here today. 


 I learnt first hand what it takes to transform yourself, so I 

won't lie, it isn't super easy but I'll be there to support you!

Change takes time and from years of coaching others I know it isn't a one size fits all formula

Together we will find a way that works personally for you

Thankfully I've already made a lot of mistakes for you

Now comes the fun part!

Want to get started?

Email me at:

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